Is It Safe to File Taxes Without an Immigration Status?

Have you ever wondered if it’s safe today to file your taxes? It’s possible even if you’re in the United States without permission. So the reason it’s safe and why it’s so advantageous is because the government wants its taxes. On one hand we have the federal government controlling immigration and on the other the federal government controlling the taxes. So what the two parts of the government have done is they have made an agreement that they will not talk to each other about people who are involved. Immigration does not get any information from the IRS Internal Revenue Services.

So you can file for a very special number even if you’re here in the United States without documents and you’re able to file your taxes. Someday when you do get your Social Security number you’re going to get credit for all those taxes that you paid in the past, all of that Social Security that you paid in the past. Right now there’s no risk to you for going ahead and getting that itin number. ITIN stands for individual tax ID number. Again it’s completely safe to get!

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