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Immigration law is complicated. It’s frustrating. And sometimes, it’s indescribably heartbreaking. When you close your eyes and imagine what your life and family and finances would be, you see yourself happy working in a job you love, your children living unafraid. You see your spouse alongside you, creating a beautiful life together. In every image you’re living life as it was meant to be, without fear. 

New Frontier understands that there is a lot in the news guiding people to be fearful of undocumented immigrants. Fear from the community causes your family to fear more. We understand this, and we want to help.  

At New Frontier we want to bring you hope through immigration representation. We understand that you are looking to live a life of safety, family, fair employment, and an opportunity to thrive. We want to help you claim the life that immigration laws are keeping you from living. Contact us today and take the first steps to finding relief. You’re not alone in this.

Stop Dreaming, Start Living

Stop Dreaming,
Start Living.

Family-Based Petitions

We will ensure that your family petition will run smoothly through the process.

Waivers for Entering Without Permission

We are here to help you get the pardon waiver you need to get your green card as soon as possible.

Removal Defense

Legal representation is the single most important factor in determining whether someone will win or lose their case.


We are renowned for getting bonds from Immigration Judges who otherwise deny bond and on the lowest amount possible.


New Frontier has extensive experience successfully filing appeals and pushing forward on cases with positive outcomes for people.

Motions to reopen

We can file a motion to reopen your case and help you stay in this country.


U-Visas are a special type of nonimmigrant Visas set up specifically for victims of crime, and the victim’s family.

Miltary Parole in Place

Are you a family member of a U.S. military member, but do not have the proper papers to be in the United States?


We can help provide you protection from deportation, work permits, and a pathway to normalizing your immigration status.

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Free Guide

Pardon Me:
A Comprehensive Guide to Immigration Pardon Waivers

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Your Future is Waiting

Hillary es una Abogada extraordinaria, me a ayudado en mi casó ya que ningún otro abogado lo pudo hacer,por q era un caso muy difícil,sin embargo ella lo logró, yo la recomiendo es muy buena!!
Castillo V.
Hillary es muy buena Abogada ella me ayudo mucho en mi caso y gracias a ella lo soluciono mi caso….se los recomiendo que ella es extraordinaria Abogada…
Lopez M.
I hired the Law Office of Hillary Gaston Walsh to help my partner move from Canada to the United States. Even though we were all thousands of miles apart from each other, meeting online with Hillary and then getting uploading all the documents she needed was easy. Hillary’s office always kept us informed about the status of our case. My partner move here with her green card last month! Thank you!
Alex P.
Hillary was absolutely amazing today. She helped answer so many pressing questions I had. She was so professional and kind. You can tell that she is so passionate about what she does. I would recommend her over and over again.
Samantha V.
Hillary Gaston Walsh is a first-rate attorney. If I had all the money in the world, there’s no other attorney I’d want to represent me. Hillary is a good person, with a good heart.
Joel B.
Hillary es magnifica como abogada de inmigración.!!! Es recomendada 100%. Personas buenas es lo que necesita este mundo y tú eres una de ellas : Hillary Gastón Walsh. Gracias por todo
Indyra G.
I was needing help with a legal issue. Within minutes of calling they helped me. The staff is very fast and professional and easy to talk to. I was amazed at how easy they made this for me! If I need any legal help again, I will call this law firm! They truly are there to help everyone that calls!
Laurie G.
I have been a permanent resident for more than 30 years. I hired Hillary to review my criminal plea agreement to be sure I wouldn’t get deported. Hillary looked over all my records and worked closely with my criminal defense attorney. Because of her help, I was not deported when I took the plea.
Very very good attorney … I recommend her as the top of the line .. very professional and very good service she helps us in our immigration case we got the bail bond and very reasonable .. she have the capability to turn the table around anytime she can make impossible to possible thank you very much again Hilary .. my family is very thankful to you.
Harpal S.
Hillary is an amazing lawyer! Not just because she won’t quit but, because she truly cares about what she does. It’s hard in todays times to find someone as passionate as Hillary is about what she does. Our case turned complicated and had Hillary not fought for us we would have had a very different outcome. Thankful, we had Hillary and I’m happy to say my beautiful daughter in law and my grandson are now firmly in the embrace of their family! Thank you Hillary!
Kara H.
My family retained Hillary to help our Dad become a U.S. citizen. She helped him navigate a very confusing process with ease. We were never worried about what would happen next because she explained everything to us in very simple terms. I’ll never forget how proud my Dad was the day he became a U.S. citizen. Hillary has also helped me with other legal issues and each time she laid out my options very clearly so that I could make the right decision for my family. It was obvious that she had our … Read more
Bridget S.
Mrs. Hillary how wonderful you are. You help through my difficult time you still help me my case. God bless you, you help many people like me.
Mulu B.
I am very grateful for Miss Hillary. She helped me win my immigration appeal and she even found people to help pay my bond so I could be released from the detention center in Eloy. Miss Hillary cared as much about winning my case as she did about taking care of me as a person. I am grateful to God that she was my attorney.
Maya B.
My family hired Hillary to help my cousin with his asylum case in Florence, Arizona. He tells me that she is a strong, smart attorney who isn’t afraid of the judge or government attorney. Knowing she is there to fight for him is a huge relief for us.
Thank you, Hillary, for having my back when I felt like no one else cared.
Daniel W.
I owe my entire life to Attorney Walsh and her team. Victor, Maria, and Licely have worked alongside Hillary to get me out of ICE detention in Florence, AZ and I could not be more grateful for their hard work. They all worked tirelessly throughout the entire process and it is truly a miracle that I am here to write about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! I would recommend Hillary Gaston Walsh and her EXCEPTIONAL team a million times over. Thanks guys!
Santiago N.
Son muy profesionales en lo que hacen exelente equipo de trabaj.
Jose F.

Your hard-earned money will go toward ETHICALLY and ZEALOUSLY fighting for you and your goals.

In every form and every document we work to ensure you have the best results possible.

We are always honest and
straightforward about your options.

We treat every client with the utmost respect and professionalism.

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