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Our Work

We help immigrants and their families live, work, and thrive in the United States. We handle all aspects of immigration law, including: green cards through employment and education-based visas, family-based petitions, removal defense, asylum, immigration bond, and immigration appeals. 

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Our Mission

Every person on Earth is unique and special. Your immigration case is too. Our immigration lawyer will provide you with a plan that's tailor-made so you can have the future you want. We are a full-service firm, providing help with green cards, employment visas (H1B visas, EB1, EB2, EB3, etc.), and all removal defense, including asylum, cancellation of removal, and immigration bond. 

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Why We're Different

Immigration cases can be extremely confusing, stressful, and expensive. Worse, your ability to be with your family is often at stake. Recognizing this, our immigration lawyer and her team work efficiently. This saves you money and keeps your family together. We communicate with you regularly so you know what's going on in your case; this keeps stress low. Most importantly, we practice immigration law exclusively. We know the law, we don't dabble in it. Whether it's through a green card, H1B visa, bond, or immigration appeal, we work hard to help you have the future you deserve.

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