Exciting updates are here! We have some amazing new legislation that is in the process of being passed. This is to allow students who either went to two years of high school or home school in the United States or they graduated from something of that equivalent to be able to apply for and receive in state tuition so you don’t have to pay the out of state tuition and also be able to have access to financial aid.

Now for the thousands and thousands of students out there who want to go to College, they will now be able to do so in Arizona without having to show any of some of the things that previously were required, like being born here in the United States or perhaps having an employment authorization card. This is great for many people who are here in the United States, especially our Dreamers, who want to continue on. They want to continue working in this amazing country and helping with the economy. Now we’re on the path for being able to take advantage of this within state tuition.

This is just the first step. We passed this in the very first portion of our system of laws. Now it will be put to all the voters throughout Arizona to decide on this. But the amazing thing is now our legislators have come together recognizing that dreamers are a critical piece of our Arizona economy and society and are so important to our state. And the exciting thing is, we certainly hope that the public next November will vote to enact this, to allow for instate tuition for anyone who’s gone to two years of high school in the United States or home school in the United States or otherwise graduated from high school in the United States. We’re excited and this is a great step in the right direction to go! 



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New Frontier understand there is a lot in the news guiding people to be fearful of undocumented immigrants. Fear from the community causes your family to fear more. We understand this, and we want to help.

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