Loved One Detained by Immigration

Do you have a loved one who’s ever been detained in immigration? If this is part of your life story first of all I can only say that my heart is out to you and it’s our mission in life to get as many people out of those immigration detention centers, prisons as possible. To that end, our firm has throughout the pandemic continued to get dozens and dozens of people out of the Detention Center. We have an incredible success rate and we are so very proud of it. Right now, I want to update you that as of February 2021 here in Arizona at least, I can’t speak for all of the detention centers around the U.S., but we had a lot of success helping people get out on parole. This basically means that instead of a bond from the immigration judge where the judge would determine whether or not you were allowed to be out of the Detention Center, we’ve been asking ICE for parole which is something where you don’t have to pay. There’s no bond amount that you have to pay like with an immigration judge in most cases but instead you’re allowed to ask ICE based on health conditions for your loved one to be released. 

One of the most common health conditions that we’ve been able to get people out of the detention centers on is obesity. I realize not a lot of people are necessarily in the American way going to be considered to be obese but  purpose of the coronavirus the body mass index is what’s controlling. If your body mass index pushes you up even close to being considered obese we’ve been able to help people get out of detention center. We are very thankful for that because the last thing we want is for your loved one to be detained in a life-threatening situation. Another fact that is important for you to know is that if you do have a loved one who’s been picked up and detained right now they’re quarantining everyone for 10 to 14 days. They hadn’t previously been doing that, so it makes it really difficult for your loved one to make contact with you, including with us. So if you think that your family member has been detained here in Arizona please reach out to us. We have so many connections on the inside and were able to help, to our very best not only locate your loved one but to be able to make communication with them during that initial quarantine period. 


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New Frontier understand there is a lot in the news guiding people to be fearful of undocumented immigrants. Fear from the community causes your family to fear more. We understand this, and we want to help.

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