Two Things You MUST Do for Biden’s Proposed Immigration Reform

Finally some really good news coming down the pipe! We’re going to start seeing Biden talk about immigration on every Friday and we’ll do our best to be able to update you as soon as we have the details and can distill it down. 

Today I want to talk to you about the two things you need to do as we start looking towards what Biden wants to do with his presidency and with his proposed immigration reform. So let’s get excited!

Biden is trying to help anyone put them on a path to a Green Card and Citizenship for anyone who was here before January 1, 2021.  So if you were here before we rang in the new year 2021, I’m really happy you’re here and this applies to you!

File Your Taxes

One of the things with a proposed immigration reform is we need to be able to show that you were here. The way that we do that, the most common way that we can do that is by filing our taxes for the past year. It shows that you were employed here in the United States before January 1st 2021. Now as you probably know, you need your social security number or an ITIN number (individual tax ID number from the IRS) in order to file taxes. It’s safe for you even if you’re here without status and it helps you to file your taxes. The reason it’s important to file our taxes is because for almost every other type of getting your green card relief and every time you’re wanting to get your citizenship, you need to show that you have good moral character. This means that you have been filing taxes. So let’s get filing!

Obtain Your FOIA

The next thing we need for you to do is get your FOIA done now. Don’t wait for the line to get really long. Don’t wait to get into the line everyone is hearing about “an immigration reform is coming, an Immigration reform is coming!”.  We don’t want to wait for everybody else to figure out “ I need to get my FOIA in and I need to get that done now”. What is a FOIA request? In a nutshell it’s everything that the federal government knows about you. The reason we want to have this now is so we don’t have to find out later when we’re at your Green Card interview. 

These are just two of the ways you can get prepared for getting in line for your green card under the proposed, it is important to note that the laws have to be past, but under the proposed immigration reform from President Biden. 






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