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 Are you married to a US citizen or have you been in the past but things didn’t really work out? I am Hillary wash. I’m an immigration lawyer in Phoenix Arizona and my Law Firm is New Frontier Immigration Law. We are helping people fix their immigration status right here in the United States because we want them to stay and enjoy their life here with their family. There are a couple of things that we need to cover to be able to help us fix your status here in the US even if you’re no longer married to a US citizen. Including if perhaps you’re in the middle of divorcing or perhaps you are currently married to them and things are you have been separated for a short/long amount of time. 


Now there are a couple of different ways that we can go about this depending on the place you currently are in  the process. Perhaps your US citizen spouse petitioned for you and then (in between getting your green card and that 18 months old later when you need to have your conditions removed and show that you’re married and still together), things fell apart. This happens. There are other situations where the spouse says that they’re going to petition for you after you’re married and then they don’t. We’re going to see that too. 


Have you been married to a U.S. Citizen?

First thing we need to know is: have you been married to u.s. Citizen? A lot of people have been living together for a long time sometimes 30, 40 years but they´ve never gotten married. For USCIS purposes the easy answer (there’s always going to be grey areas) is you will need a marriage certificate. So if you don’t have that, then you haven’t been for the most part in the eyes of USCIS ever been married a US citizen. 


Are you divorced from the U.S. Citizen?

Next. If you have been divorced we need to know and we need to see the divorce decree. This is a really important thing we need for purposes of what we call VAWA. It’s something that I do a lot for my Law Firm but not a lot of other attorneys are talking to people about. So we need to show that either you were divorced and what that date of that divorce is. Now if in the situation where your US citizen spouse petitioned for you and before it was time to go in and have those lifted (so in 18 months after that initial green card was issued) the relationship ends. This is not the end of the story! We can help you go in and show that your relationship was authentic. It was bonafide it was based on love, not on wanting to get immigration documents. And from there that’s how we show relationships just sometimes end we don’t have to have the u.s. citizen involved anymore if in fact the relationship has just come to end. 


U.S. Citizen Spouse Doesn’t Want to Petition for You

There are other instances where the individual US citizen doesn’t want to petition for you. Perhaps because he or she has been holding basically power over you by not petitioning for you. This person knows that you need this to happen but wants to make you prove your love to him/her by not needing an immigration status. But as soon as an argument comes up the first thing that he or she talks about is the fact that you don’t have immigration status. So this is considered cruelty. Something we also see is after the US citizen petitions for their spouse, they start holding that hostage. This when you get your green card and it’s time to go in for that 18-month check in to have the conditions lifted. So if that’s the situation you need to involve a  lawyer to help you protect your immigration status in the United States. Just like when relationships end, sometimes relationships can get really complicated and this is the situation where you will need to do it. 

We have conversations about all of these types of things, if any of this is resonating with you please reach out, message us.  We talk to everyone through messenger and we go through cases where we see that we can help. The law provides many different ways and their unique ways for us to be able to help you fix your status here in the United States without having to go to your home country. This is kind of a mission of ours. We want to help you do this and even if you’ve been divorced from a US citizen spouse who didn’t petition for you I believe that we can still help you. There are a lot of factors that play in place. I can assess your situation and let you know if this is a situation we can look forward to. My name is Hillary Walsh. I’m in immigration lawyer and most importantly I’m here to help you stay with their families, stay in the United States, have immigration status and fix it here. Contact us for more information.


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